Thursday, February 17, 2011

i had cracked and again it was because of math.well,to give you a more clear picture,i've just taken my first MAT 238 test tonight .realizing i'm just sitting it for the first time,i think it is best to do some preparation and try to make an analysis on the usual pattern of questions that were asked by referring to the previous paper before the test is started.for this past few days,i've spent all my time in the library studying with the main purpose,to cover and mastering all the topics that i've learned before.i've to admit,math is not my field and certainly,it would be my last choice of everything.back to the story...this time,i've to study alone for quite some time because most of my friends are so busy with their study and their personal life to worry add,my repeater's friend that used to study with me also got classes to attend to and tests to sit,nothing could do about it.they could be full-time with me only a day before the kick its starts,we doing some revisions and solving some sort of questions altogether.then here the test goes tonight...the important part of my life was so hard.i was surprised to see apart of the question is multi-application based question.luckily that i've been able to recall all the formulas needed for the its kinda a little easier to find the all the answers directly.unfortunately i only got 1 hour and 30 minute to finish the tests.the time meanwhile beating and moving faster than i ever imagined it would be.i ended up the test by not being able to check whether my answers are correct or not...its kinda sad actually because i have gave away everything i had to this test....imagine 1 week-non-stop-studying this thing...i deserve to do better things...

p/s=math memang membuatkan manusia meroyan

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  1. khalid i'm so moved by your efforts, so i hope for the best in term of its outcomes for you. and i also hope that you could continue striving and giving your best this sem, and insyaAllah all will be worthy in the end. ; )