Tuesday, March 1, 2011

think positive...

wow...there were too much things coming in my way right now.assignments and tests were some of the things that have kept me very busy.i need to really put my effort on these 2 things because they counted almost 50 percent of my marks during the final.more importantly,the marks scored would see my pointer having some slight of an increasement and it does really help when i apply for my degree.yes it was hard...really hard because i have to face mathemathics everyday and had my brain going in a full throttle to solve the questions but thinking of its benefit which i will posses in the future,i force myself to deal with it.there are times where i want to cry and couldn't sleep but then i realized it wouldn't change anything if i acting negatively and unwillingly.i knew this emotional war of me certainly wouldn't help even a bit and if i keep behaving like this,i would end up myself with more dissapointments...for now i think i want to give myself a new spirit.let out everything.resetting the reset button of me and put myself again in a refreshing mode...i want to be a firm believer that believe to the belief of "everything would just be okay if we acted and behave the way it is".you can never go the wrong way if you do like this one...DONE!!!

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