Sunday, April 3, 2011

it's,myself is still wondering how it could turn out to be the otherwise when the arrangements have been outlined properly.this time everything wasn't fall into its place.i'm quite dissapointed with what had happened.last night.right after done with my calculus 2 quiz,i decided to take some rest while doing some plannings of what i'm going to do wasn't long when i remember that my money has running out and i was left with not even a cent with me right at the moment.seriously,if i do not withdraw some amount of money from the bank,i would made myself,today,i had planned that after passing up my quiz to my dear Mrs Amirah Hana,i'm going to pay a visit to the library.why it happened to be the library?it was because library has been the best place ever to gather the at uitm pahang,library is known to serve its people so many shorten it out,i would find some of my friends that can lend some money to help me go to the bank and do the withdrawal.unfortunately...or maybe it has been destined that way...i found no one i knew in the library...even more sad...after having some walking here and there...still,no one to be found.i didn't know what i'm going to stomach keep producing so many weird sounds as it was like the lunch time has come and i need to rush to the dining hall immediately even it was still 10 am in the morning...the only solution i have with me is doing some surfing on the internet...luckilly after like 2 hours wasting time tracking others blog...the sound of my stomach was for now i think it is better to have this thing posted on my is not everytime that i could cruise throughtout such wasn't end in disaster...

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