Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm still not enough!!! PART 1...Munafik n Homo

sometimes posting only an entry making me feel SOOoo x happy coz i think that it's SOoo not enough...simply said, to satisfy myself, I would at least post 2 entrys so that when i'm back to view it, i feel satisfied...( coz 1st entry posted, I tend to carut many things) come the 2nd posting, i want to write something more meaningful..., 1st and foremost i would like to highlight a few things that happened in my life today...5/4/10/...hu3
1) i feel so dissapointed with myself for waking up so early but end up sleeping till noon right after I done my prayer coz last night b4 i go to bed i've promised myself to start studying something
2) i'm still not able to control my uncontrollable lust for foods even for something small like biscuits (paanyer cream crakersss) and have been crunching like people starving (so potato people) when I feel hungry
3) still carut-mencarut my friends even i've promised myself to not give a damn of what people saying and only mind my own self and if i can, trying to top it all of with zikrullah but still, it's not happened(pity to sahaful coz kena carut ngan mek...sori pul...jgn amik ati coz mek sentiasa gurau)
4) not be able to gang up with my friends to jog all around campus due to my long lasting tiredness that showed no signs of stop (malas)...
Okay done with my dissapointments...
what's next???
adding on continue...i would like to quote something that is still a little shock to me and my closest friends the moment we overheard about this thing just a few days ago...we kept the secret firmly and guess what?... it has been aggravated again today...that is to be true it's about homothing...hu3...i'm so shivering.
i know that it was very embarassing to have seen something related with homo... especially with our very own-naked eye but does it more embarassing if we took step sharing this thing with someone's like we too involved with this confusion gender and contributed to their, we just make them get more bigger...malu gler pihak yang terlibat...while to the person who telling this, they would not feel any guilty (you SHOULD NOT if you told the responsible parties) because they thought they were like innocent to unfold such a hidden truth. actually, they are NOTTTT. you just made it more worse. sementelah you too do something dark at the behind, why not you take step to get yourself straight tidak, pecah rahsia sana...pecah rahsia have pressured everybody...adoiii....
alamak...dah emo dah...nantila ek sambung blk

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