Thursday, October 21, 2010

i'm in the vegitative state

i know i didn't post anything for quite along time. i have purely no excuses for that. It is partly because i am a bit tired with homework, studies and tests

but, the moment i start giving excuses as mentioned above, i think that it is very alarming. it is simply because that shows you are slowly losing the multitasking skills which is very important if you plan to accomplish many things within a fixed time period.

therefore, i need to reinforce the message why I decided to become a blogger. it is because i want to improve my English ( i hope it is getting better) and more importantly i want to write well. but, how can you become a good writer when you keep posting no articles?

this might be the shortest article ever written for this blog. nevertheless, it is good to start somewhere i think.

many stories and issues i want to comment on. have no worry, i will try to get back soon.

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