Saturday, November 6, 2010

grass is green..n flowers are rainbow..but human..we're dark as the black hole


what a long time to start writing again..i do need to do this more often..pretty much,i got the thing..but not the time..a new chapter of life begin lately.with a life full of kind of stupid drama.well.its what i planned be stuck in a portal full with BACK-stabber and people who wont be easy on you.yes,there are people WHO love you and care but put them aside.the marginal number of FAKER are rapidly increasing lately... hey,face hate me,deal with it.i wont let you step me just like that..i might be an easy guy around but sister believe TOUGH-TO-handle..

i looked around to see how things going..oh no!!! alert i guess... People are being to honest about themselves lately.. i LOVE u..this pretty much what i like to say..i mean , i do like to fall in love since its fun..but to give it to a wrong person..tats crazy ryte? because i found that some people dont mind but others care too much.. to love another of your own kind wont make you gay,, please..please learn that as a lesson... its not bad to like people...ITS JUST LIKING THEmmmmmm...just don't go overboard...coz we r men n we r suppose to marry women

recently,,,i also found out that..its better to be good with a stranger..they will love you better..yes..i can confirm you that..i mean..dont pick a totally Fucking-stranger..its more like a well-build-image kinda know..the one who can be fren with... its a step to NEW friendship...

mental note.. : dont be A total LOSER by being hippo-critical about who u are., :)

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