Sunday, November 7, 2010

not at the right state of mind

yes, i didn't really walk the talk :-(
i thought of managing myself into writing / jotting down few notes on this blog on daily basis...but it's just a mere coincidence that i didn't really have the guts to continue (and sustain..) "interesting" thing happened to me during diwali weekend.

as usual, for the past few months, i was so tied up with assignments,test,exams (i know it sounds boring...but well,'s been very crazy nowadays, studying non the extend that i feel i'm speechless (and expressionless).

"he came back. yes, we didn't really have a proper relationship but i still do have feelings on him. But why it's like that famous cookie "skejap takde skejap ada?" whenever that he has problem then he'll come back to me? but this time i've also making my own vows, in which one of them is that i'll try my best to love and to be loved only by a women...hopefully it wasn't just a dream like what i did during my old days...i want it to be different....i want to change

apart from that, i got two more papers to be finished.both of them is hard and i knew it would be even more harder because my carry mark for both of that paper is not really i gonna crackle my head studying all the notes and give whatever i have to excel...insya allah

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