Wednesday, January 5, 2011

yesterday, as soon as i reached home after class and dinner, i got a call from an unknown number. the moment i heard the voice from the receiver, i knew who it was.. and i was stunned that the person even called.

it was someone i dated a while.. the relationship was not publicized since it was for a short while and we both intended to make it private. unfortunately it lasted only a few weeks. i caught him cheating on me. and that was the deal breaker for me.

so he called and we talked a little.. and in the middle of the conversation he asked me to get back together. out of nowhere. its like you ate a chocolate and suddenly theres a mint chocolate filling come bursting in your mouth, its not pleasant..

it took me off my elements for a while, but i just said one thing.. "gimme time to think about it"

when i asked him why? he said it is his new year's resolution to make things right with me.. well at least someone is acting on their reso!

as a matter of fact there were nothing to think about. he cheated on me once and he might do it again.. and i dare not take the chance..

at that very instantaneous moment i knew what my decision was..

but after that, it suddenly came to a realization what if i was suppose to give him a second chance? maybe it was destined to be.. why in hell am i still single? and at least he made the effort of calling me and wanting to work things out..

but again, the weight between the possibilities that we hold and the pain that he caused, it is just not worth it. and ill be so hypocritical of me to not practice what ive preached.

haish.. what a life.. in case any of u are still wondering (and i hope theres at least a single soul is) YES, i am still single!

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