Tuesday, January 18, 2011


this semester,i've vowed to myself that i wouldn't waste my time for stupid things again and only thinking about study.i really want to change.i don't want to stuck for another year in jengka.it is because it is so hard and painful.there were several challenges which i have to face earlier when i came to the university this year.well...it had expected and i didn't mind it.then,here it goes...me,myself continuing my another year of my diploma here.i need to admit that it was very unpleasant to hear everyone keep whispering about myself and to see the weird faces of the other students when they saw me or bumped into me...sometimes it can get even very annoying as it was because some of them were teasing me..there were sometimes when i was about to cry but still,i could hold myself by not bursting into tears at that moment...thank God...i started to feel better now and i have became adapted to this environment...this week,everything seem to go as what it was supposed to be.my happy feet dances madly and i couldn't agree it more that i haven't feel like this for years until i heard something...at first,i just couldn't believed what i heard...arghhh...yes,there are no big things to them but for me,it was kind of pathetic if they see me here and knowing that i'm now at part 7...it is actually not something big but it would be big because of my status...
it is...

JACK and JOE is coming!!!

they haven't been here for so long.last year i was informed that joe has been chosen to represent UiTM in royal debate.he indeed made it to senior team which is no debaters from jengka has made such history before.so it would be a big story-telling session when they came here.to put it simply,our relationship was not in the good term for quite sometimes.it was because of the debate whereas we often disagree on one another over most of the things.be it the committee of debate which has been elected or the team that has been chosen or the debate which was held,we never agree on anything that had made.the situation always go worsen every time when both of us discussing to look any ideas with another members and it ended-up that he were forced to accept whatever i think it best for the debate club.

JACK=i do not know to xplain....anything about him comprises too much stories.partly.i didn't feel i like to let her story being told to everybody.if u still want to know,dig it up by yourself

from what i can tell,both of them really got on my nerves.i feel really uncomfortable.maybe it is very much due to their position as my seniors.seemed that i've to hide somewhere to prevent them know what i'm doing right now.i've already thought about that and i think i want to stay at che sam's house or habil's room.we would see me not going anywhere for 4 days till they finally returned to shah alam...OMG...it is hard...

end with that thing....well,for now,it was the only issue that has caused me disturbance...apart from that...everything were under control...ok la...that's all

p/s:x sabar nak dgr cter joe drp bdk2 nih...

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  1. khalid be strong!
    i know you can do it ok.
    Have faith in yourself and God as well.
    InsyaAllah life will turns out for the better. : )