Friday, June 10, 2011


here i am,back to is very long since the last time i posted something here.well,i was really busy fixing and changing my life and there is a lot of things happened for the last 2 months.lots of drama and lots of unwanted stories as well.i'm now at new place,far from my family and of course,everything must be done accordingly,only then my life will not be too messed put it in a more clear picture,i'm working right now.though it sounded pretty weird,considering me myself,a spoiled brat and a mentally-weak person which easily melts down under pressure,people would feel very astonish if they see me working as a waiter at the nearby restaurant.the worst of all,i never had any working experience...but what can i say...its already happened.well,the reality is,people would change and when i decided to start working,i knew,i've changed for good.thanks to sahaful for always giving me advise and always be on my side when i need your,my life is back on the track for now,i'm surviving at shah alam whilst waiting for first,i thought that it was the most downright stupid mistake when i made the decision to move to shah alam but then i knew,it was something i was destined for.i knew it happened for the reasons.i try to be working days wasn't always funtastic and fantastic,to boot,all the workers there are Bangladesh except for me.can you guys imagine it,me myself is the only malay that happened to work was very hard especially at the beginning.back then,i felt so apprehensive,not because i'm afraid that i would be deface or something...or i'm unwillingly to cooperate with them or anything that you might think it is...especially when working with such people...i just worried that there would be many miscommunications would happened between us.gratefully,it went on a smooth ride.such a good start for me,a problems at workplace.moving on,my life is at peace.i'm so satisfied.what matters now is mental toughness.i hope that i could hold much longer.also,i really hope that i can adjust more better and even more quicker.yeahh...go khalid!!!

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