Monday, June 13, 2011

of terengganu and kelantan

This is not about the final FA Cup last night because commenting and analysing a football match is not even in my radar. Congratulations to the Terengganu team! You made it to the final and won!What had made last night's match special and nostalgic was the connection between the Trengganuians and Kelantanese. To outsiders (orang luor),many of them cannot differentiate the slangs that of Terengganu and Kelantan. The undefined connection between the Kelantanese and Trengganuians can be translated in many different ways but not through the language. We speak differently except for the people living in the northern part of Terengganu, namely in Besut and Setiu who speak Kelantanese slang with very strong accent till their counterparts in the southern area (Kemaman and Dungun) cannot understand. However, most of the times, when Kelantanese and Trengganuians speak, they understand each other. And the orang luor, you just have to watch and listen. If you want to get in the boat too, prepare to be laughed at. I am still looking for the common similarities that make the Kelantanese and Trengganuians have special bonds apart from the geographical factor. It is maybe in the food. The food are extremely sweet in Kelantan. Another thing to be acknowledged by the orang luor, nasi dagang and keropok lekor are mostly come from Terengganu. They are our special cuisine but are very famous in Kelantan too. The same thing goes to nasi berlauk and nasi kerabu -they are Kelantan's but very famous in Terengganu. Nasi kerabu in Kelantan is the best with its ayam percik. If you see blue or purple-coloured rice, then it is nasi kerabu. Well, to think back, apart from the geographical factor, I must say that food is what both Trengganuians, Kelantanese and the rest of Malaysians share. Maybe because orang luor keep labelling Trengganuians and Kelantanese as the same group of people that we always find comfort with each other. Missing budu anyone?

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