Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tolongla be a wise muslim

Assalamualaikum, it's been a while since i wrote on this blog. I'm truly sorry as i didn't have anything to write. =)

In this entry i would like to share my perspective and point of view in what's happen to our country (Malaysia) today. I don't know much about what really happen. But what i knew is our country will have "Perhimpunan Haram" soon .I don't want to talk who is wrong and who is right. For me, it's just another propaganda from "Them".

What is really their intention by doing this? Is it time for them to make their move to the next level? Why only Malay / Muslim who are more enthusiastic than non-muslim? Why suddenly they talk about "Murtad" ? is that really the point to make this event? or just to ignite the muslim's anger towards the goverment? Why the goverment resolve this matter with another "Perhimpunan" ? why is it not "haram" ?. Who are the mastermind of this event? What cause him/her to do such thing? Is he/she doing this in the name of Islam/Allah?

There are so many questions that we can think of. To all my brothers,sisters,fathers,mothers in muslim, my advice to you :

If u know nothing about what happens,who,when,what or anything. Please, do not assume,accused or even suspect anything. Nowadays people just relying on "Media" without proper guide (Nas and Dalil).This is what "They" want. They spread "Fitnah" to achieve Destruction, Disunity, Fear, Mind Control, Brainwashing and all of this propaganda. Return to Quran and hadith, follow our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W guides and Sunnah and from there, find the best solution. Remember,No matter how we struggle to win based on this "Dajjal" system, we will still lose.

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