Tuesday, November 15, 2011


i oddly feel like smacking someone's head to pieces.He deserves that for being an arrogant jackass.mind my language,you people.

maybe,i was being so fragile.maybe.well that was offensive for a normal human being.unless you're born mentally handicapped for not sensing the offensiveness.anyway fuck that!again, mind my language.

another day has been reckoned with.a splendid one i must say?
maybe.i have been engaging myself into this so-called social circle of mine where i have had been friends with certain types of people ranging from wannabes,idiotic morons,friends for benefits,backstabbing bitches,kleptomaniac freaks and the list goes on to a certain extent (at least).well,i may have fallen into one (or two) or none of the above mentioned categories.there are some of people whom i genuinely believe are nice.well you know what they say,sometimes nice people are bad ones who don't get caught (yet).Oh so true!

gosh,i should have disclaimed earlier about the randomness of this entry.trust me, it is so random you're gonna puke.ok please don't. haha.ishould end this now since
i am annoyed (too) even though no one reads this but my freaking self!call me self-serving psychopath!see, this is a random annoyance.

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