Thursday, November 17, 2011


This life is a prison.

There's this one scene in Malcolm X, where another inmate says to Malcolm while they were in prison:

"Everywhere you go, you're in prison. Because its a prison of your mind."

We can't do as we like, when we like, however we like.

I do not know who I am anymore. I do not know where I was born, who my family was, what my inner beliefs are. But i do know that to be have problems is to be human.

I'm was stressed facing everything in my life. I'm feeling inferior, all this while I've done my very best, now I feel like I've achieved nothing.

On a loftier scale, I felt really worried about the state of me, and stressed because of my lack of efforts in helping myself up to the true me.

I was suffering under oppressive regimes of those whom they wanted to see me going down. I was stressed to see myself like this but I knew no one can help...No one

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