Monday, July 25, 2011

agonizing over a really difficult decision part 2

i'm back to complete what is left...
here it goes...i've received an offer to do bio-molecule in was something really unanticipated as i've planned to do something this kinda offer made me feel depressed and it definitely is because right before i apply for my degree,i've asked all the lecturers who teaches me and having listen to all sorts they said,i knew this course is somewhat put it easy...i'm not suit to it.i'm not the one who likes to take the risks and gamble my future,easily said,i put it as my last never crossed in my mind that it would finally be something which i will do for my degree...again,i've to decide.let it go means i blew away the opportunity and to someone like me who always hangsuang and lahar others...and many other things which is unexplainable,refuse to do it means no more chances for me.i'm not a bright student and my family isn't rich and of course can't afford me to study at private universities.but accepting to do it would only see another struggle of me to keep the momentum...puhleazzzz guys know me very for now,i'm in the decision-making process and is contemplating over this matter and my hope is high so that i can eventually being out from this pain...i thought the worst part of of thinking about this programme is about my perception toward this course.i found it always negative,far out and never good and it is very intense to the length that doing this course,i can considered myself from the very beginning that i would have no jobs after graduating...
as there is about one month left...i just hope that for every and each choice made,it will give me more benefits than the drawbacks.

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