Thursday, July 21, 2011

having blasts at bukit raja...ngan epul

don't think anyone really understands my love for Harry Potter.

yes, i'm 22 years old.

yes, i'm a working person already and is about to do my degree

yes, i'm not a child.

i know, i know.

but i grew up watching movies. i learnt English by watching movies...and by reading books

i grew to know that love between friends is just as important as love with our family.

i grew to understand the right things to do are not always the easiest.

i learnt about the power of will.

oh gosh.. banyak la sampai nak nangis kalau i write it all up! hehe!

so when i went to bukit raja with my best friend two days ago, i had an amazing watch HARRY POTTER'S LAST MOVIE!

you know what...its brilliant...i wonder if i could attend harry potter's last movie premiere in london!of course it would be even more awesome...its three main characters really captured my heart during that night...

my gorgeous pixie-haired emma watson...she never looked boring to me to watch her...i wish i could actually meet her one day...and please don't forget the ginger-haired boy rupert grint.he never fail to make me laugh with his weird acting...and what touched me the most was my bebeh...daniel radclife...he's still suit to do harry potter's role even he seemed to grew a bit older than before...

easily was very it really is...

now...i'm proud to say that i'm one hardcore Harry Potter fan...

sekian terima kasih...

p/s:i never finished watching all harry potter's film...the same goes to all harry potter's books...


  1. hahaha truly said from our lady bellatrix lestrange. hehe

  2. hahahaha...well said from rupert grin's mother